RIP Jamar Board aka The Silent Assassin / Durant & others pay honor tonight

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You might not know of Jamar Board because he isn't a household name like Kevin Durant but many of your favorite household name ballers know and respect the deadly left hand shooter from DC nicknamed The Silent Assassin.

Jamar wasn't a highly recruited high school player, AAU star and he played at a Division II school where he didn't get much pub but his scoring outbursts at the Goodman league is the type of  stuff legends are made of.  43 here, 75 there, raining lefty 3 pointers everywhere.

For those lucky enough to have seen him and his shot it was a thing of beauty but unfortunately for the rest of the world it's a sad fact that we never will as the ugliness of death and guns took his life today.  Many friends in the NBA and streetball industry took to Twitter and Facebook to pay honor to their friend and DC legend.

Kevin Durant even wore "R.I.P. Silent" on his shoe tonight against the Rockets. Below are some comments about Jamar from other hoopers including dunk legend Roscoe and streetballer Pat The Roc

"On a typical day I put up 500 jumpshots and get in as many five on fives as long as the run is good." - Jamar Board

Man I'm at a lost for words - just lost one of my best friends and hands down one of my favorite #Outwork partners of all time #SilentAssassin . I thought I had handles but I'd be the first to tell you my handles could never mess wit yours little bro. Anytime I was home you'd be the first to text me ready to hit the gym and workout. Man I remember wen were little ballers, hooping it up at run n shoot gym, we would be in there all day. Man you will never ever be forgotten:( only thing I can do now is pass your work ethic on to all the up and coming ballers around the world because I know that's what u would want. To all my hoopers never give up on your dreams. Continue to encourage one another and always strive for greatness. Man these tears won't stop me from shooting 1000 left handed jumpers today for a legend! Best handles in dc Md va , man love ya little Bro - and I'm a put those videos and pics up of us that u wanted me to post, believe that! #OutworkCrew #SilentAssassin #MoveEm #Aip #Rip - Pat The Roc

R.I.P. Jamar Silent Assassin" Board... He was one of the best left handed shooters I have ever seen in my life... A gifted young man with amazing talent... Always in our hearts and prayers.... You will be greatly missed my good brother.... He is definitely a legend in the DMV.... Rest well with GOD..... #DMVLegend - Roscoe Johnson



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