Steph Curry Says Whoever Made The Riley Curry 2K Cover Is a Genius (named Nick Duke)

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Steph Curry

During last night’s 2k16 launch party, the beautiful Alexis Morgan got a great laugh out of cover athlete Steph Curry and his beautiful wife, Ayesha, when she pulled out the now famous custom 2k16 cover showing Riley Curry.  Proud Dad Steph said he has this image on his phone and whoever created it is a “genius.”

So who is the genius behind the cover?

What really sucks for content creators today is it’s really hard to retain credit for something you created. Even if you place a watermark on the work, people will often chop it off, add their touches and redistribute it. Then usually one of those remixed copies are the ones that gets picked up by an influential blogger or website and they end up tipping their hat to the person who has the most popular version not the one with the original. That’s what happened to Nick Duke.

Nick Duke – @NickDukeMusic on Twitter – was the creator of the Riley Curry image. He posted it on this twitter account on June 4th of 2015 and within an hour that image was being reposted on thousands of other accounts and then a few major sites shared the image and credited the wrong person.

So here’s to the “genius” who created the wallpaper on Steph Curry’s phone.