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Today we will go over the best spread bets for each game today.  With that said, Summer League is coming to a close, and players have a few days to showcase their talents.  In addition, there are 8 matchups today, starting at 3:00 PM.  Also, all games will be played at Thomas & Mack Center, along with Cox Pavilion, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you're looking to bet on the matchups, they will air on ESPN, ESPN2, and NBA TV.  If you are looking for the best betting odds and stats, here is information to know.

Cleveland Cavaliers (3-0) @ Chicago Bulls (2-1)

3:00 PM EST | ESPN 2 | Thomas & Mack Center

The Cavaliers are undefeated this summer and are averaging exactly 100 points per game.  They are 3rd in three-point percentage (40) just behind the Chicago Bulls (40.4).  In addition, Cleveland shoots 46.8 percent from the field, and rank second in rebounds (45.3).  Overall, Cleveland only allows 78 opponent points per game, have covered the spread in all three games, and won their last two by more than 20 points. The Cavaliers have a talented group, which includes Emoni Bates from Eastern Michigan, Sam Merrill, Isaiah Mobley, and Pete Nance, son of Larry Nance. The Cavaliers have experienced G-League players, such as Sharife Cooper and Mobley. 

The Chicago Bulls had a slow start, in which they didn't average more than 83 points per game.  Like Cleveland, the Bulls only allow 86.7 opponent points per game.  In fact, Chicago scored 107 on the Kings last game, and shot over 50 percent from the field and three.  Adama Sanogo, an undrafted free agent from UConn looked excellent on the glass last game, along with the 34th pick, Julian Phillips, out of Tennessee. Javon Freeman-Liberty has experience within the G-league and has back-to-back 20 points plus games.

Spread: Cleveland -5.5
 I like how Chicago came alive last game, with the help of Sanogo and Javon Freeman-Liberty. The Cavaliers leads the league in point differential (+16.7); however, I like the Bulls to cover here. Chicago is shooting very well and is allowing teams to score minimum points.  I truly think the supporting the cast of Sanogo, Phillips, along with Dalen Terry can keep up with the Cavaliers. All eyes will be on Javon Freeman-Liberty vs. Emoni Bates. Give me Chicago to cover here. 

Philadelphia 76ers (1-1) vs. Atlanta Hawks (2-1)

3:30 PM EST | NBATV | Cox Pavilion

The 76ers are 1-1 and scored a combined 204 points in their last two games.  In addition, they lead the league with 106.5 points per game, and are dead last in opponent points per game (106).  This is a high-powered offense, led by Jaden Springer, Ricky Council IV, Terquavion Smith, Filip Petrusev, DJ Steward, and Javonte Smith. Although the 76ers lack defense, they have of number of players that contribute offensively, and lead the league in field goal percentage (49).  Although they lost to the Mavericks, the 76ers managed to put up 103 points.

Atlanta is hot and is coming off a 2-game win streak.  In their two games, the Hawks are averaging 91 points a game, and allow 89 points.  In addition, they covered the spread the last two games.  15th overall pick Kobe Bufkin has put up good numbers, and Tyrese Martin continues to lead the offense.  Also, Seth Lundy was a big contributor off the bench last game.  I expect the Hawks to have no trouble scoring against Philadelphia,

Spread: Philadelphia -2
Summer League adds more risk to betting, since some teams pull their star players, or don't start them at all.  I like the Hawks, and the raw talent they have. However, the 76ers have more offensive and steady players. Give me Philadelphia -2. 

Brooklyn Nets (2-1) vs. Toronto Raptors (0-3)

5 PM EST | ESPN2 | Thomas & Mack Center

The Toronto Raptors are still winless and have been one of the worst teams this summer.  Although last game was closer, the Raptors took losses against the Bulls, Cavaliers, and Pistons.  They rank near the bottom in points scored (80) and are last in the league in three-point percentage (22).  To make matters worse, Toronto shot just 12 percent from the three in their 94-90 loss against the Pistons.  This year's draft pick Gradey Dick is getting plenty of volume shots, however, had struggled.  Overall, it's hard to find any consistency in this offense.  

The Nets are on a two-game win streak and are averaging nearly 96 points a game.  On the other side of the coin, the Nets only allow 84 points a game, which is 7th in the league.  In addition, Brooklyn has impressive wins against the Bucks and the Knicks, in which they haven't allowed over 80 pointsJalen Wilson, Armoni Brooks, Kennedy Chandler, and David Duke Jr. have been amazing on the defensive and offensive front.

Spread: Brooklyn -5.5
Toronto came within 4 points of beating a very good Pistons team, however, that doesn't mean I'm hot on them his game. The Raptors are inconsistent on offense, and lack NBA ready players, besides Gradey Dick.  The Nets are hot and have a number of offensive and defensive players. Give me Brooklyn -5.5. 

Miami Heat (1-1) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (2-1)

5:30 PM EST | NBATV | Cox Pavilion

After an amazing start against the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat flopped against the Suns second game, 73-70.  Miami was also without 1st round pick Jamie Jaquez Jr.  I truly think Miami has great size, and incredible talent in Orlando Robinson and Nikola Jovic, who had an off second game.  Orlando Robinson had a 30-point game against the Celtics, and although it may not happen again, I don't see the Heat scoring less than 75 points again.  I expect Jovic to have a better game, and for Robinson and Jamal Cain to step up.  The Miami Heat are currently third in opponents points per game (80).  

Milwaukee is coming off a 1 game losing streak, and I'm not quite sure what to make of this team.  Milwaukee barely averages 83 points a game yet allows defenses to score only 84 points.  In their loss against the Nets, only one of their starters, Wigginton had points in double figures.  In fact, Milwaukee had 41 points off the bench by a combined 11 players.  I love the Andre Jackson Jr. pick from UConn, however, him Livingston and rest of the starters struggled.

Spread: Miami -2
Milwaukee is inconsistent to me, in which they have a different lineup at Center nightly.  It is not clear who will get more minutes at center, Livingston, Timme or Fall. The Bucks are one of the worst three-point shooting teams and think Miami will come back this game.  With rumors swirling around Damian Lillard, it's possible the Heat will try to get a much as they can out of Nikola Jovic as well. Give me Miami -2. 

Houston Rockets (3-0) vs. Golden State Warriors (0-3)

7 PM EST | ESPN | Thomas & Mack Center

If I am a Rockets, fan I would be very excited from what I'm seeing this summer from their young core.  With Amen Thompson out with an injury, Houston remains undefeated.  The Houston Rockets are one of the top producing offenses in the league and have a point differential of +9.7.  In addition, they've scored 100 or more points in three of their matchups, led by Jabari Smith Jr., Cam Whitmore, Trevor Hudgins, and Jermaine Samuels.  Jabari Smith had an incredible first two games and was benched last matchup against the Thunder. Since Smith broke some record, I don't expect him to play this game.  Look for Matthew Mayer to step up again, a rookie out of Illinois.

The Warriors are winless, and lost to Dallas in overtime, 98-96. Lester Quinones has been an absolute stud for Golden State and had 31 points and 7 rebounds last game.  In addition, Brandin Podziemski, the 19th overall pick has struggled, especially the last two games.  Although the Warriors have some great players offensively, they rank near last in defense (98 points per game).

Spread: Houston -6.5
Although the Warriors lost their last game, they covered the spread against Dallas.  6.5 is a big spread for a Houston team that will be without Amen Thompon, Jabari Smith, and/or Smith and EasonI like Golden State +6.5 here. 

Charlotte Hornets (0-3) vs. New Orleans Pelicans (2-1)

7:30 PM EST | NBA TV | Cox Pavilion

The Charlotte Hornets struggled in the California Summer Classic and now remain winless here in the Vegas Summer League.  In fact, Charlotte is one of the worst offensive teams, averaging 78 points per game. In addition, the Hornets rank almost last in three-point percentage (24.7), and field goal percentage (36).  I would like to point out although Charlotte lost against Portland 97-93, they covered the spread last game.  2nd overall pick Brandon Miller had a nice 26-point performance last game, along with Smith Jr.  Outside of them, Charlotte can barely produce much offense this summer. 

The Pelicans drafted Jordan Hawkins with the hopes he can be a smooth shooter for him.  Hawkins had a nice last game, along with Dyson Daniels.  The Pelicans are a stable team with young talent, in which they had 5 players with points in double figures against the Suns.

Spread: New Orleans -3
Prediction: I
cannot bet on Charlotte after what I've seen in California, and now in Vegas.  Besides Brandon Miller, I can't trust that offense, even if Miller or Smith Jr. Scored 40 plus points.  New Orleans doesn't have many big names; however, they have players that can produce.  It all comes down to trust and my gut here. Give me New Orleans -3. 

Portland Trail Blazers (2-1) vs. Orlando Magic (0-3)

9 PM EST | ESPN2 | Thomas & Mack Center

Portland is still without 3rd overall pick Scoot Henderson and managed to stay above 500.  Portland is coming off a two-game win streak, where they edged out Charlotte, 97-93.  Second year player Sheadon Sharpe bounced back after a horrible first game, along with the 23rd overall pick, Kris Murray and Jabari Walker. Overall, Portland is shooting very well as a team. The Trail Blazers has some two-way players, along with second year and rookies.

The Orlando Magic remain winless this summer, in which they lost an overtime thriller to the Knicks, 82-80.  The Magic don't have a ton of NBA ready talent on their team and have one of the worst point differentials in the league (-12).  Outside of Rookie Black, and Howard, the Magic have had sloppy games, and haven't been efficient on either side of the ball.

Spread: Portland -5
Even without Scoot Henderson, Portland is the better team and has more NBA ready talent. The Magic are winless, and it's hard to trust a team who is shooting under 30 percent from the three.  Give me Portland -5 here. 

Minnesota Timberwolves (1-2) vs. Sacramento Kings (1-2)

9:30 PM EST | NBATV | Cox Pavilion

Both the Timberwolves and the Kings are coming off two game losing streaks.  Ever since the Kings shut down the product of second year player, Keegan Murray, the Kings have struggled. The Kings put up a great offensive effort against the Bulls, in which Ford had 25 points, and Ellis with 19.  However, before this game, it was hard to find the offense in Sacramento.  For the Kings, Kessler Edwards will need to step up, along with Colby Jones.  

Both of these teams have experienced players, especially with Ford and Williams.  Brandon Williams finished with 23 points last game, and Miller with 18.  To me, Minnesota has more scoring options in Minott, Carton, and Miller.

Spread: Sacramento -1.5
Although both teams lost their last two, Sacramento gave up 107 points to the Bulls last game. Minnesota has various scoring options, and rank near the top with 97 points scored a game.  Give me Minnesota to cover the spread here. 

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