Terrell Owens Takes On 4'4" Streetball Player Mani Love

Check out former NFL star receiver Terrell Owens going head to head with the smallest man to step up on a court. OK I know what your thinking under what circumstances is this fair and who has the upper advantage. Its Obvious that Mani Love and Terrell Owens is unequally matched in height ,but with the skills Mani posses size doesn't matter. With his amazing ball handling skills and quick movements Mani is nearly impossible to guard especially for the averaged football player. But even though TO is known for his remarkable talent on the football field hes no stranger to the hardwood The"6-3" NFL Legend has a history on the basketball court. Hes participated in many celebrity basketball games and even some adult leagues. Lets see who wins this 1 on 1/2 show down.


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