Battle Of The Little Guys: Allen Iverson vs Earl Boykins


Not too many NBA players can look small next to Allen Iverson and his 6'0 160 pound frame. 5'5 130 pound Earl Boykins is the exception. Not just an exception as in he looks like a little kid next to most players in the league, but the undrafted Boykins was an exceptional player lasting 14 years in the league, playing on 10 different NBA teams.

His best years were with the Denver Nuggets, where he averaged up to 14.6 points per game and had this hot shooting streak: 29, 25, 28, 24, 26, 20, 13, 24, 22, 26. He also had a 30 and 36 (13-20 shooting) point performance during that month and back-to-back 30-point games in the following month as a member of the Bucks. It was in Milwaukee when this awesome graphic hit the web.

Before he went to Denver and before he became Mr "Motherfucking" Boykins of Milwaukee, he had a pit stop in Golden State, where he played with this crop of young Warriors with ridiculous potential: Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, Antawn Jamison and Mike Dunleavy.

In the first meeting between Boykins and Iverson that season, Iverson struggled, scoring just 23 points and missing his last four in the final two minutes of the loss. Boykins was the spark plug for the Warriors, scoring eight of his ten and dishing out six assists in the second half.

In their next meeting, both Iverson and Boykins had exceptional games: Iverson put up a big stat line of 28/10/6/5 while Boykins scored 23 points off the bench in a four-point win. After the game, Iverson had some kind words for Boykins.

"He played great," Iverson said. "He showed a lot of heart for a guy that size. That speaks for itself. The guy plays with his heart and the ability that God gave him. Never under estimate
anyone on this level."






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