The Kawhi Leonard Story: Why Is He So Quiet?

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Kawhi Leonard

Charles Barkley thinks Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the world. Coach David Fizdale thinks Leonard is a machine that bleeds antifreeze. Spurs fans will tell you the silent assassin nicknamed the Klaw because of his giant hands would have led San Antonio to the Finals if it wasn't for dirty-ass Zaza Pachulia. One thing we all can agree on about the former NBA Finals MVP, who celebrates a birthday (or release date if you believe he is a machine that keeps getting better with each software update) today, is he doesn't look like a very emotional guy. He usually looks like a guy who got dunked on after dunking on someone. He often celebrates wins by looking like he just lost. His bench celebrations resemble a 12th man not getting any PT when his team is up by 20 in the fourth.

Besides the question posted by Nike above, the question a lot of people want to know is: "Why is Kawhi Leonard so quiet?"

Here's Youtuber Swishout with an answer while telling "The (emotional) Kawhi Leonard Story."

And if you want to be qualified to pass a quiz on Leonard, here's a "Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Kawhi" video. If you are wondering why you would ever be taking a quiz on the millionaire who still uses coupons to buy chicken wings and owns a 97 Tahoe, I have no idea but I know a photoshopped picture of him without his braids broke the internet while the NBA Draft was going on. I think that's a good enough reason to learn more about the birthday boy.