The Professor hooping in North Philly with streetball legend AO

"Most people call it the hood but to me it's just love."

The latest video from Grayson "The Professor" Boucher should bring back some great memories for Streetball fans of the late 90s and early 00s. In it, the Professor meets up with streetball legend Aaron "AO" Owens and a future ankle breaker student of his, Dakota McCaughan, in North Philly. When discussing the streetball legend, I always have to bring up the fact that Owens was also a Division II All-American, played ball overseas and in the D-League because of the fact so many people underrate the talent that was on the original And 1 mixtapes.  He never made it to the league but he had the respect from players in it.

Keeping with the Philly theme, here's Owens trying to come up with his list of top 5 Philly basketball players: Wilt Chamberlain, Hank Gathers and his high school and college teammate Bo Kimble, Kobe Bryant (if you consider Kobe being from Philly), Kareem Town and Brian "Sad Eye" Watson at #1.  You can learn more about Watson in this great piece from Slam, which mentions his 10 threes in the second half of a Shaq charity game with Rafer Alston and Booga Smith in 1998.