The War Before The Storm: 2024 Evals!

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A good 16-hour work weekend and I have a lot of eval notes. So I’m not going give you guys a long intro and will just cut to the chase. Let’s start with my 2024 evals from my weekend at The War Before The Storm hosted by “War Hoops” at the Duncanville Fieldhouse.

T.J. Burch, 6’1 PG – Max Levels Pro 16: Was one of the best guard performers this past weekend. Tough, fast, downhill guard that gets to the teeth of the defense anytime he wants. Strong finisher, the shot, albeit not a big-time asset, has improved and can keep defenses honest. 

Tyran Mason, 6’5 SG/SF – Max Levels Pro 16: A wiry, smooth wing that’s equipped with plus length. A potent mid-range scorer that doesn’t need many dribbles to get to his spot, rise up and score. Never doubted the talent, just haven’t seen Mason put it all together for a longer stretch of games. This weekend shows me he can be a program’s primary scoring options game after game.

Brooks Bahr, 6’3 PG – Texas Impact 4:13: A strong built guard that will have a major summer. A lefty who gets to the basket at will due to his strength and quickness off the bounce. Bahr is a capable shooter off the catch and did a great job as a ball-mover which resulted in easy baskets for his teammates. Him, Burch and the next guy I’m going to talk about were the best three guards at the tournament.

Malek Archie, 6’3 CG – Southern Assault: I liked the versatility in Archie’s game. Has improved when taking on the role of a primary ball-handler, taking care of the ball under pressure & not getting rushed as much. Still work to be done but seeing growth. Archie applied rim pressure all weekend, due to his ability to get downhill, a solid catch and shoot threat and showed patience as a pick and roll ball handler, surveying the floor and making right reads.

Landon Brown, 6’2 CG – Texas Tarheels: When he was in eighth grade I believed Brown would become a high major prospect. It’s been a turbulent high school career so far with his play, but what I saw on Sunday was a step in the right direction. Showcased his athleticism, stop-and-pop game and variety of hang dribbles to break his defender down and get to his spots. If this is the Landon Brown I’ll see more often, then he’ll become a legitimate D1 prospect.

Angel Sonnier, 6’0 PG – Houston Superstars: A scoring guard that when hot from the field, can score in bunches. The shot was on and off from the games I watched, but I like his fearlessness and short term memory. Can score it in isolation or on ball-screens as well as possess quality touch on floaters.

A.J. Borden, 6’4 SG – Family Ties: More I watched A.J. this weekend, the more he grew on me. A big physical guard with fine positional size. He threaded the needle on ball screens, finding the roll/short roll guy and he embraced contact on drives and finishes. Has garnered interest from DBU and UTA.

Mac Goodlet, 6’5 SG/SF – Urban ASAK: Mac has added muscle to his frame and it has helped him a lot. Shot didn’t fall at the rate he wanted it to, but he had a lot of good moments. He changes speeds and direction well and absorbs contact with finish attempts. He holds a quick trigger and is a better shooter than he showed this past weekend. The improved strength and handle showcases the upside of what his shot creation and play-making can & that’s why I have him on this list. 

Devon Cork, 6’5 PF – Dallas Showtyme Black: The younger brother of TCU’s big man Xavier Cork. Although shorter than his older brother at the same time, Devon mirrors the athleticism, energy and grit Xavier played with in high school. Honestly, he may play harder. Lean forward that rebounds, finishes above the rim and love’s altering shots. I wouldn’t label him a D1 prospect right now, but he’s interesting because he looks to not be done growing and could be really good later in his basketball career. 

Micah Robinson, 6’6 SF – Southern Assault: Big, physical wing that can be a reliable secondary, tertiary ball-handler. Like how hard he plays and uses his broad frame to attack and finish. Now, he didn’t finish it great this past weekend through contact, but it was more of a touch thing more so that he didn’t embrace the physicality (Plus, again; I don’t put that much stock in March travel ball play). Robinson will be a quality wing at the next level due to his versatility, toughness and ability to stretch the floor. 

Darkaun King, 6’7 PF – Houston Superstars: A broad built forward that’s a dancing bear. Doesn’t play above the rim but is super skilled. Can handle it well for size, shoot the three as a trail and pop guy and is a threat as a mid-post player. 

David Punch, 6’7 PF – Urbas ASAK: What level is David Punch? That’s a common question I get from college coaches. And my prior answer? I’m not too sure but it’s a wide range when it comes to projection.

After watching him, he just needs to go to the right fit that excels with his prototype. Punch has long arms and big hands, can shoot the three, face-up and attack with an array of moves. His size at his position isn’t bad; but his vertical leap and foot speed are not the greatest, but it’s improving. At the end of the day, a coach that believes in what he can be, I can see David excel at any level of collegiate basketball.

Robert Miller, 6’10 PF – TJ Ford: Best player at the event and it wasn’t close. I argued to some that I thought he could put himself in the McDAAG potential player category by the end of the summer and so far he has proven me right. At his size, athleticism and skill, there aren’t many in the country in 2024 that have that blend.

Josiah Moseley, 6’7 PF – One Time Legends 3SSB: Behind Miller, Moseley was the best frontline player at the WarB4TheStorm. Carries a potent mid-range, face-up game and passes it well out of double teams. He’s applied muscle to his frame, is strong with the ball and cerebral with his scoring approach.

Nic Codie, 6’8 PF – Southern Assault: I talked about Codie in the past and his growing offensive game is what I’m most intrigued about. He’s a four-man, but he can shoot the ball, attack a closeout and exploit height mismatches on the block. He needs to get stronger and not get too perimeter happy but what he can potentially be, is scary.

Bryson McGlothin, 6’7 PF/SF – Texas Impact: Bryson shot 7-8 from three point land and only missed three shots all weekend. A wiry, lean forward with good positional size and shooting prowess. Plays with high energy, agile and makes defenses pay with any space from the perimeter.

Doryan Onwuchekwa, 6’10 C – Team Trae Young: Coming off a 4A University Interscholastic League Title with FAB 50 ranked Oak Cliff Faith Family, Doryan had a solid showing in Duncanville. A load in the paint that’s able to make threes as a pop guy on ball screens. Expected a big summer for him as well.

Quincy Hopkins, 6’5 PF/SF – Tulsa Hawks Pro 16: Quincy is my type of guard. Strong built, a bully and plays through contact on every play. A downhill guard that plays with a meanstreak. Athletic, rebounds well for his size and although the jumper isn’t there yet, the mechanics aren’t bad at all; He can have a very good summer.


Arhsn Lapsiwala, 6’2 CG – Texas Impact AE: Skilled combo with high feel with plus pass accuracy.

Davien Taylor, 6’2 PG – Texas Tarheels: Athletic PG that’s strong in the open court as a passer and finisher. Gets to the paint. 

Malachi Drake, 6’4 SG/SF – Max Levels Pro 16: Struggled through first part of the weekend but got hot from deep. 5-of-5 from three vs. Southern Assault and is lethal as a shooter off the catch. 

Junior Sileu, 6’10 C – Southern Assault: Very strong physique with a next level body. Holds down the paint on defense, great screen setter and rebounder.

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