Top 100 NBA Career Salaries of All-Time - Shocking

What's not listed on the chart is how many years the players played and you also have to consider the inflation of NBA salaries.  You  might look at Chauncey Billups at #57 and wonder why is he 30 spots ahead of Jordan.

In the 80s, superstars were lucky to make $2 million a year and until Jordan's massive 2 year $63 million deal in 1995, the NBA's most marketable players like Shaq were still making less than $5 million a year and a lot of people in Orlando felt Shaq was overpaid.  So overpaid that that the Orlando Sentinel ran a poll, results agreed, Shaq leaves for LA, Dynasty happens, flash forward a decade later and the championshipless Magic are trading Shaq 2.0 for players that the people of Orlando have never heard of.

Kind of an ironic considering a good amount of head scratchers on this list is because of the Orlando Magic's healthy contribution.  Rashard Lewis made over $48 million in 3 years while the Wizards had to pick up the rest of the $40 million. The Magic also spent over $44 mil on Tmac and 25 on his two year replacement - Steve Francis.   Arenas made an additional $10 million for his 2 years at Orlando.

Juwan Howard needs to send David Falk a great Christmas present everyday for allowing him to make more money than his Fab 5 teammates (Webber & Rose)  and fellow 94 draftees which included Glen Robinson, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill.  Funniest number that pops out when looking at Howard's salary history is the Nuggests paid him $20 million in 2002 and $52k in 2008.  I was about to celebrate and say I made more than Howard in 2008 until I saw that the Twolves paid him $7 million that year and Bobcats chipped in with $928k.

The two names that stick out to me the most are Brian Grant and Theo Ratliff.  Thinking back to people complaining that Shaq and Alonzo Mourning could end up making a $100 million then thinking that Theo Ratliff ended up on that list and was paid over $10 million a year by 4 different teams.



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