Uncensored Footage Of Shaq Breaking A Backboard On Inside Stuff

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Shaquille O'Neal Cliff Levingston

“What time is it?”

If you were a basketball fan in the early to mid-90s and heard Cliff Levingston yell those words then you knew Inside Stuff on NBC was about to start. And if you were a basketball fan in the early to mid-90s then you knew the show -- hosted by my main man Ahmad Rashad and either Hannah Storm, Willow Bay or Summer Sanders -- was the best place and one of the only places to see videos and highlights of NBA players that didn't play on your local team, the Bulls (WGN) or Hawks (TBS).

One of the most famous clips from the show came in 1992 when a rookie Shaquille O'Neal tore the rim off a backboard while playing one-on-one with Rashad. It would end up being the first of three backboards Shaq destroyed during his spectacular first season.

Here's some rare behind the scenes footage of the dunk and the aftermath. The most amusing part of the video is Shaq asking if he's going to have to pay for the backboard and pretty much everything Rashad says.