Watch Magic Johnson & Lonzo Ball’s Amusing Call Before The Lakers Draft Selection

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I love behind the scenes videos like this. This one is extra cool because it’s Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and Luke Walton giving a very cool and calm Lonzo Ball a welcome to the Lakers phone call right before the Lakers announce Ball will be the second pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

There’s a couple awesome things about this video that you might not have noticed on an initial viewing.

  • Lonzo Ball casually saying, “what’s up” and “my man” to Magic Johnson.
  • At the 38 second mark, Rob puts his hand up to ask for the phone and Magic Johnson shakes his hand. Rob goes with it, puts his down, then puts it up back up.
  • Luke Walton was the only guy who got the white-guy handshake, which was followed up by a “you da man” point.
  • After Magic tells the league the Lakers are selecting Ball, Walton puts his hands together and starts praying (insert your LaVar joke here).

Here’s how the conversation looked from the Ball family table.

And here’s some bonus footage of the very talkative Ball speaking with Magic and Walton after the selection.