NBA DRAFT: Who Were The Best Picks By Each Draft Spot

On June 19th of 1984, the Houston Rockets made the great decision to pass on Michael Jordan and draft Akeem (No H yet) Olajuwon with the #1 pick in the NBA draft. As crazy as it sounds to say passing on The GOAT was a great decision, drafting the hometown favorite who turned out to be arguably the most talented center of all-time and helped bring two NBA championships to the city was in fact a great decision.

Other teams who can proudly say they made the best decision with their #1 pick include the Bucks (Kareem), Blazers (Bill Walton), 76ers (Allen Iverson), Magic (Shaq, Dwight Howard), Cavs (LeBron, Kyrie Irving) Spurs (David Robinson, Tim Duncan), Hornets (Larry Johnson, Anthony Davis) and Lakers (Elgin Baylor, James Worthy, Magic Johnson).

A fun question to debate is who was the best #1 pick among #1 picks and likewise for the rest of the first round? Rukkus via HoopsAddict created this pretty cool infographic featuring their picks at each spot to help you decide. Although I would agree on most of these players being the best pick at their number, I can't call them the best pick for that team because some of these players were traded by the team that picked them - like Dirk (Bucks) and Kobe (Hornets).