Will Barton with a between the legs reverse dunk at Blazers Fan Fest Game

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Will Barton

With all the talk about putting rookies like Wiggins, LaVine and Gordon into the dunk contest, Will “The Thrill” Barton is still making a case that he belongs in the contest.

Last year, he threw down a bunch of exceptional dunk including this 360 dunk and this inbound alley dunk. During this weekend’s Blazers’ Fan Fest game, Barton, who scored 12 points, put on a dunk exhibition before the game started and then ended it with a between the legs reverse dunk which was better than many between the leg variations we have seen over the years in the NBA dunk contest.

I said it at the beginning of last season and I’m saying it again. Expect some big things from Barton this season.

Here’s some more highlights from the scrimmage.

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And here’s a Barton Ballislife Flashback