Worst Sports Injuries: Allan Ray had his eye poked out during college basketball game

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Allan Ray

With torn ACLs, countless ankle and wrist twists and a serious back injury that put me in rehab for a couple months, I'm super sensitive when it comes to watching sports injuries.  Every ankle twist makes me cringe and that pop sound from ACLs sounds like a bomb to me but no on the court injury makes me as squeamish as the one Villanova's Allan Ray (not Ray Allen) suffered in 2006, when a defender poked his eye out -- literally poked his eye out!?

Actually, despite what the myth says and what you appear to see in the video, his eye didn't actually pop out. What happened was his eye lid went behind his eye, which made it look like his eyes were about to plop out of his head. He was back on the court and playing without goggles a week later and eventually made the NBA, where he played with Ray Allen.


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