Zach LaVine Turns Heads & Impresses at 2014 NBA Combine

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Zach LaVine

After being heavily criticized by nearly every major college basketball reporter for declaring for the NBA draft after his freshman year at UCLA,  Zach LaVine’s draft stock looks as good as ever.  Much thanks to his exceptional performance at the NBA Draft Combine today in Chicago, IL, Zach exceeded expectations and managed to win over many NBA scouts.

Here’s how Zach ranked in testing among all 53 participants:
Lane Agility (#1 – 10.42 seconds)
Shuttle Run (#2 – 2.8 seconds)
Max Vert (#3 – 41.5″)
Standing Vert (#4 – 33.5″)
Sprint (#8 – 3.9 seconds)

via NBADraft Twitter


Ricky O’Donnell of SB Nation wrote: “LaVine is the draft’s most intriguing piece of clay, a player with every tool you’d ever want out of an NBA guard, but one that doesn’t quite know how to use all of them just yet. On a court with a group of flawed players considered fringe pro prospects at best, LaVine is the show everyone must see. As he flies up and down the court and defies the constructs of gravity with a fluidity few possess, it’s easy to daydream about what he might one day become.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Here’s a video of Zach’s Max Vertical Jump:

Zach’s Ballislife Mixtape:


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