THEY DISRESPECTED ME!! Hoodie Rio Put Up A FIGHT Against Best Team in Arkansas!! Full Highlights!!

Players in this post:
Mario McKinney

Check out Mario Mckinney going up against the best team in Arkansas Jonesboro high school. Last year Jonesboro blew out Vashon by double figures in the Poplar Bluff tournament and finished their season at 32-0 with a state championship. This year both team meet again in the Natural State Hoopfest at Jonesboro high school and according to the records, Jonesboro hasn't lost a single home game in 4 years. Mario Mckinney led the Vashon squad and everybody wanted to see the match up between Mario and Arkansas Commit Desi Sills after multiple of call outs on social media that Mario Mckinney was going to get shut down and won't surpass 20 points going up against the tough Jonesboro squad. This was a match up that didn't disappoint the spectators as Jonesboro pulled away with the victory over Vashon 78-71 but Mario Mckinney proved to a lot of people that he wasn't going down like that. Despite Vashon getting their first lost of the season, Mario Mckinney finished with 33 points and Arkansas Commit Desi sills finished with 29 points which got the respect of many that called Mario out. Vashon next game will be another big test in Missouri as they will face Chaminade High School led by NC State Commit Jericole Hellems at the Midwest Shootout. Stay tune for the highlights!


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