OAK GETS TESTED!! Courtney Ramey NOT Backing Down Against Undefeated Oak Hill at Bass Pro ToC!!

Here's Former Louisville commit Courtney Ramey going up against undefeated Oak Hill Academy in the semi-finals match at Bass Pro ToC. Going into the match, spectators said Webster Grove was going to lose by 20+ just because Oak Hill was the favor to win, but Webster Grove didn't let that happen at all. Ramey & Carte'Are did their best to cut the lead by 5 points and made sure nobody on their team backed down from a undefeated opponent. With the final minute winding down, Webster Grove couldn't finish some critical defensive plays and Oak Hill got the lead back up to 11 which got them the 73-62 victory.

Keldon Johnson led w/ 23 points, Will Richardson w/ 18 points, Keyontae Johnson w/12, and David McCormack w/ 11 points.

Courtney Ramey finished w/ 23 points, 6 assists & 1 block. Carte'Are w/ 18 points & 1 block.

Oak Hill will face off La Lumiere in the Championship at Bass Pro ToC.


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