30 NBA Player Reactions To Steph Curry's Historic Performance (12 3s + GW) vs OKC

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Stephen Curry Russell Westbrook

Baron Davis might have had the best tweet after Steph Curry made history and blew up the internet on Saturday night.

"Big O...That's enough. We love you but...you need to order the league pass...#apologize2datman." Said the former All-Star after Curry did the following.

  • Scored 46 points in 38 minutes vs Russell Westbrook
  • Tied the NBA record with 12 3-pointers in a game while only attempting 16.  Kobe attempted 18 and Marshall 19.
  • Broke his own NBA record for 3s in a season and is only 12 away from 300
  • Hit a near half-court game-winner in OT. He is shooting 50% from 30+ feet this season

"Honestly, I don't know exactly where I am, so it's not like I'm calibrating in my head, all right, 38 feet, 37, 36," Curry said. "Just literally, you've got a sense of -- I've shot the shot plenty of times, you're coming across half court and timing up your dribbles, and you want to shoot before the defense goes in. And that was pretty much my only thought."