Anthony Davis Is Still Growing And He's Not Happy About It

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Anthony Davis


On a recent appearance on the Pelican's podcast, The Black and Blue Report, Anthony Davis said he's a little taller than he was since last season and isn't really happy about it.

"They measured us like a week and a half ago and they said I was 6-11, which I don't want to be. I think 6'10's like the perfect height for me. It just doesn't sound right; 6'10 sounds perfect to me. 6'11, 7 feet...I don't like it.

"I will always tell everybody 6"10. I don't care if I'm 7'3. I'm 6'10."

Does this sound familiar? Earlier this year, Kevin Durant said he tells everybody in "basketball circles" he's 6'9"...but he tells women he's a 7 footer.

Besides raising the brow an inch higher in the sky, the 23-year-old said he's now about 5 to 7 pounds heavier than he was last season.

"I really love playing at 245, but we'll see. I haven't played at 250 yet. I mean, [I've played] pickup, but that's not really a real game. I'll see. I'll test it out in preseason and see. After a while, just play.

"I don't want to get under 245 though. If I do drop weight, I don't want to get under 245."

After signing a 5-year, $145 extension in 2015, Davis was having a career-year last season until he had a season-ending injury. You can expect the slightly taller and bigger Davis to return to All-NBA form and continue to set new records for himself and the possibly the league.

Source: ESPN