Top 10 8th grader: Elite 6’5 Ben Coupet, Jr.’s 8th grade season mix (Chicago Beasley)

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6’5 Ben Coupet, Jr. led Chicago’s Beasley Academic Center (public grammar school) 8th Grade team to a 43-2 overall record. Ben and his Beasley teammates avenged their 2 mid-season losses to Morgan Park by defeating them to win the Chicago City Championship.
A long, small forward, Ben Coupet averaged 15 points per game for Chicago’s deepest grammar school team.
Following in fellow Beasley alum Derrick Rose’s footsteps, Ben will be attending Simeon Career Academy (Chicago, IL) like his 6’11 dad did.
Ben also lead the Chicago All-Star team to victory over the Illinois team at Sonny Parker’s annual 8th Grade All Star games held at Simeon, including in-game back to back slam dunks (highlights included).
Thanks to Ben and his parents and everyone at Chicago Beasley, especially legendary Hall of Fame Coach Thomas Green.
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