Brandon Jenning's deleted tweet almost caused a Twitter war with Chris & JR Smith


Matt Barnes wasn't the only player last night that deleted a controversial tweet.  Brandon Jennings posted a tweet mentioning  JR Smith's brother, who has been getting murdered for the past few days by sports writers and fans, only to say that Pooh Jeter and Bobby Brown should also be in the league.  I don't think it was anything personal against Chris Smith but from the way he worded it, I could see how Chris and JR would take exception.

Now, before we get into the gossipy he said she said stuff, I want to defend Brandon Jennings initial tweet and say that Pooh and Bobby should be in the league. I"m not saying they should be here instead of Chris or any specific player but I'm sure almost every team in the league could use one of these two exceptional players over a couple of guys on their rosters.  This summer we worked with Honda on their #BestYourself campaign and had the pleasure and opportunity to do a feature on Bobby Brown who is currently playing overseas.  He's a real good guy and a talent we hope to see in the league soon.


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