Chris Paul puts Corey Brewer on skates & pisses off James Harden in Clippers’ loss

Near the end of the 3rd quarter of the Clippers loss to the Rockets on Wednesday night, Chris Paul embarrassed Corey Brewer with a step-back jumper (3:33 in the video above). The shot put the Clippers up by 2 but then the 4th quarter came it was the Corey Brewer show. The Rockets best pickup of the season scored 13 of his 20 points off the bench and was on the receiving end of a great assist from Harden who made the pass between the legs of Paul.

The Clippers did make one final run in the final minutes and with 38 seconds left, a frustrated Paul fouled Harden pretty hard which the Beard took exception too.

Harden made one of the two free throws and then DeAndre Jordan missed 2 on the other end.


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