Remembering When David Robinson Recorded A Quadruple Double During A Monster Fantasy Week

20 years ago, every person playing fantasy basketball -- back when stats were mailed to you once a week and you had to call in changes on Sunday night -- was praising David Robinson for putting up one of the most spectacular weeks of stats in recent NBA history.

It started on February 15th of 1994, when David Robinson abused the Dunking Dutchman and his Pacers for 34 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. Two days after missing the triple-double, he greeted his old teammate Sean Elliot, now playing with the Pistons, with a 19-point win and the last quadruple-double in NBA history: 34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 blocks.

Playing against a couple of ancient big men in Cadillac Anderson and Charles Jones, the "point center" dominated and achieved the historic quadruple-double with five minutes left in the game, when he swatted a layup by Lindsey Hunter. His 10 assists were double the amount by all of the Pistons guards combined and if it wasn't for Rodman's 22 boards, The Admiral probably would have had a lot more in the rebound category.

“We didn’t even talk about the winning streak. We did talk about David’s quadruple-double. He was just great. But I was mad at him. He missed seven free throws and he should have had 41 points.” Spurs coach John Lucas

Two nights after the fans were chanting MVP as Robinson and the Spurs celebrated their 11th straight win, they hosted the Heat and again won behind a big game from Robinson: 19 points, 12 rebounds (Rodman had 26) and 7 assists.

Their next game was against the horrible Wolves and a pre-Bull Luc Longley; Robinson abused him for 50 points, 9 rebounds and 6 blocks.

The Spurs finally lost in their next game, when they faced Karl Malone and the Jazz. But you can't blame Robinson (25 points 16 rebounds) who again missed a triple-double by a single assist.


  • Vs Pacers: 34pts 10rebs 9asts
  • Vs Pistons: 34pts 10rebs 10asts 10blks
  • Vs Heat: 19pts 12rebs 7asts
  • Vs Twolves: 50pts 9rebs 6blks
  • Vs Jazz: 25pts 16rebs 9asts




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