High School player scores on wrong basket at the buzzer to give opposing team a win in Okla. State Tournament

If you thought the way Rochelle beat MT Vernon for the NY Section 1 Class championship game was dramatic, with it's near impossible ending, where a kid only had to hold onto the ball after a bad inbound play to seal the win, let me introduce Hugo guard Trey Johnson.

Trey's team was up 37-36 against Millwood high with 3.7 seconds left.  His team had possession and only needed to inbound the ball to seal the win. They made a great inbound pass, Trey caught it and rather than dribble off into the sunset, he had to play Kobe and make a shot at the buzzer.  He shot and he scored and the crowd went insane after Trey's buzzer beater.  Here's the problem, Tre scored for the wrong team!

"When I saw the kid going that way, I was like, 'No, he's not. No, he's not ... Oh, yes he is,'" Millwood assistant coach David Samilton told The Oklahoman. "I couldn't believe it."

Neither can we.

Source: AOL &  Hoopsfix


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