Kobe Bryant injures shoulder, decides to play with just his left hand vs the Pelicans

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Kobe Bryant

“I feel fine. We make a lot of it, but the reality is I’m doing some pretty phenomenal things in 30 minutes,” Said a calm Kobe Bryant, when being questioned about his shoulder injury after the Lakers loss to the Pelicans. “My body is not that f**ked up.”

He didn’t seem too concerned about the injury after the game and even less so right after the injury occurred. Not only did he try to play the rest of the game with his left hand, but he was also calling for the ball, posting up and taking shots. He made 1-of-2 lefty jump hooks before being pulled.

“Obviously after I saw that everything he did was with the left hand, then I knew then, let’s get him out of there,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said. “He always says, he’s got two arms so you don’t necessarily have to use one all the time. But like I said after I saw him shoot it a couple of times and then just bringing it up the court — one dribble with his right then he switched and dribbled with his left. That pretty much let me know that it was pretty sore.”

Kobe being Kobe had another great response when he was asked if he ever suffered an injury like this before.

“I averaged 40 for a whole month with a torn labrum before,” said Kobe. “I’m not too concerned about it.”

Unfortunately, the injury turned out to be a season-ending torn rotator cuff.  It was the third time in three seasons Bryant had his season cut short with an injury.

In honor of Kobe’s toughness and attempt at pulling a Larry Bird, here’s the best of him using his left hand in a video called, “Lefty Wonder.”