Hold me Back! Steph Curry gets into it with Patrick Beverly and Trevor Ariza

We are used to seeing Steph Curry get hot but not like this.

In the 3rd quarter when the "not that good" Warriors were leading by 23, Curry gave Patrick Beverly a little shove and was rewarded with a tech. On the following play, Curry gave a little bump to Trevor Ariza who took exception to the foul and bumped Curry back as he jogged to the bench.  That got Curry hot! And as Steph started to go towards Ariza but Draymond Green grabbed and held him.

"That's about as mad as I've seen him," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of his top Chef.

"If that's how they want to try to get back in the game, it didn't work," said Curry who had 22 points and 10 assists. "We answered that physicality by just playing our brand of basketball."

Harden who had a game-high 33 and made the viral comments about the Warriors not being "that good" admitted they got a beatdown.

"They bullied us tonight," said Harden, who had 33 points and six assists. "They smacked us four times."

"I'm sure they were a little frustrated, because we're not that good," said a winking Green in the locker room.

No grapes were thrown this time.