Lil Dicky & Chris Brown's New Hilarious Video + Best Basketball Highlights

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Russell Westbrook

I've been raving about how funny Lil Dicky aka the unknown oldest Ball brother is since 2013 when he released the hilarious video Ex-Boyfriend. I've been raving about how underrated of a rapper Lil Dicky is since 2015 when I heard the incredible Russell Westbrook on a Farm. I've also been telling people for years how good of a shooter he is. And during this past All-Star weekend, I got to watch him and Chris Brown put on a little show in Snoop Dogg's celebrity game.

Speaking of Chris Brown, the singer with the best handles in the business teamed up with Dicky for a new single called Freaky Friday. The hilarious video dropped today -- Dicky's birthday -- and shows what would happen if Breezy and Dicky switched bodies. Besides getting a lot more women, one of the things Dicky will enjoy is being able to dunk.

Check out the video above and highlights from the Snoop Dogg game and a few other basketball highlights of the two below.