Matt Bonner & Tony Parker Fight Over The Ball Then The Red Mamba Calls An Iso Play For Himself

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After a disappointing end to last season, the Spurs have started this one by tying their best start in franchise history. And during last night’s 30-point victory against the Cavs, there was a moment of “fighting” between the human victory cigar Matt Bonner aka The Red Rocket aka The Red Mama and Tony Parker that showed why the team is so great year after year. Well, maybe it doesn’t but it was an awesome amusing moment.

Bonner and Parker fought for a rebound and when Matt tried to hand the ball to Tony, Parker did the french surrender and put his hands up.  Bonner then dribbled down the court and called an isolation play for himself before Tony took the ball back.

“(Bonner) likes to mess with me once in a while,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said, smiling. “Matty will never get a call for (an isolation or) anything ever while I’m here.”

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