Rachel DeMita Shoots Better Than You

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I've been bragging about Rachel DeMita and her shot since she showed up to the 2014 Ballislife All-American game. I even joked that she was probably a better shooter than the majority of the players she was interviewing: Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, Tyler Ulis, and Kevon Looney are a few of the future pros from that game.

Her shot has been on display in countless social media videos, NBA2K TV episodes, events and celebrity games, including this year's NBA Celeb one, where she scored a team-high 17 points.

Of all the praise she's been given over the years, the best one came after Game 1 of the NBA Finals, when Bill Simmons -- author of the Basketball Bible -- told her she was a better shooter than any of the Cavs players on that night.

He was semi-joking but she probably couldn't have shot any worse than Kevin Love (1-8), Jeff Green (1-6) and Jordan Clarkson (1-3). Same goes for Game 7 of the Warriors and Rockets, when Houston made just 7-of-44 threes and Trevor Ariza put up a donut (0-12 FG, 0-9 3PT) in 42 minutes.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Being guarded by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA playoffs is a lot different than being guarded by Quavo in a NBA celebrity game. I'm just saying, she has a good shot (which is something I can't say for all of her stalkers).

Anyways, here's her behind the scenes video from Game 1 of the NBA Finals followed by a few of our favorite videos of her shooting and/or giving shooting tips.