Rawle Alkins: #BearDown Beast from the Empire to the #HoopState

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Rawle Alkins

Rawle Alkins is a 6’4″ high school basketball prospect from Brooklyn, NY. After years of winning city & state championships with Christ the King, being dubbed the “King of New York,” committing to the University of Arizona and being named a Ballislife All-American; Rawle Alkins is ready for the big stage. Alkins was forced to transfer from Christ the King due to ineligibility, because he played varsity as an 8th grader. He transferred to North Carolina to attend a prep school that didn’t have such rules, allowing him to play his senior year. Now set to move to Arizona and start his college career, Alkins has one thing on his mind: the weight room. This season of basketball for Rawle was full of ups and downs but he’s taking everything he learned from his experiences and putting them towards his ultimate goals. When people ask me, “how good is Rawle Alkins?”, I tell them he’s not even close to where he can be and I’m a firm believer that after one year at UofA that truth will be evident. #BearDown

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