Meet Roni Rose, The Hot Girl From GM2 Of The NBA Finals

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Steve Kerr Stephen Curry

When the cameras spotted this woman "checking out" Steph Curry during game 2, I was hoping the camera was going to do a quick pan over to Ayesha Curry giving the sexy Warriors fan a death stare before turning into a pissed off Steve Kerr with a clipboard in his hand.

It didn't, but i'm sure Curry's wife....and mom, and sister, maybe even Riley, noticed her - just like everybody around her and a bunch of people on social media - evident by 40k+ new followers on Instagram - during the game.

Here's some of the most amusing comments, along with a bunch of pics (admit it, the real reason why you came here) of model Roni Rose, who will be hosting a 18+ basketball tournament in Livermore, CA on July 16th. Don't expect Steph to be there but I need 3 more guys to play on my team.