CP3 gets mad at Kobe, Kobe gets mad at Dwight Howard for getting dunked on by Rudy Fernandez in 2008

There it was, years before Dwight Howard had to listen to his first Kobe Bryant lecture, Kobe was shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head at Dwight.

During a game against Spain in the 2008 Olympics, Kobe gambled with a half effort steal against Rudy Fernandez, giving Rudy a wide open path to the basket with only Dwight Howard trailing.  Dwight made an effort to block the dunk attempt but ended up on a bunch of international posters leaving Chris Paul to shrug his shoulders and shake his head at Kobe Bryant while Kobe was pushing the blame on Dwight.

Meanwhile Pau Gasol was enjoying the whole thing.


Olympics Day 16 - Basketball



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