Seattle Pro-Am Becomes The Crawsover League | 10 Best Moments From The Pro-Am

Crawsover! How awesome of a name is that?

Jamal Crawford’s summer pro-am league has been known as the Seattle Pro-Am for the past couple of years and the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am in 2013, when the man known as JCrossover took over the league that was started in 1996 by Doug Christie. Since Crawford’s involvement in the “All Hoop, No Hype” league, there’s been a long list of not just the city’s best talent but the world’s best talent stopping by: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, Isaiah Thomas and so on. We are expecting that list to expand this summer and if that wasn’t exciting enough, tickets are FREE!

In honor of the new name, new look but same great summer basketball in a great city that deserves a basketball team, here’s a compilation of the best moments and performances from the past four years (since we have been filming).