T3TV Battle Royal Standouts & More!

The regular season has come to an end in virtually every state across the country by now, so we start a new season of basketball. For some, it is the state tournament. For others, AAU has already popped off and the spring circuit is upon us. Personally, I hit games that concluded the regular season in Minneapolis to get the playoff brackets set, then flew to Cincinnati to get a jump on the rising freshman class at the T3TV Battle Royal. Big time 2026 prospects Marcus Johnson, Latrell Almond, and A.J. Dybantsa all springboarded their lofty reputations with their outstanding performances at T3TV last year and undoubtedly a few did so in 2023.

Here are a few players who caught my eye between the final week of the Minnesota high school season and the T3TV March Madness tournament:

Taison Chatman, 6’4, PG, Totino Grace HS (MN), 2023
Chatman is a name that I was familiar with prior to moving to Minnesota myself and prior to him even entering high school. With lofty expectations, the Ohio State bound senior has lived up to every bit of his lofty billing. Chatman plays the game with great pace, is really learning to utilize his size at the lead guard position, and makes high level passes with both hands. Fresh off of winning a state championship last season, Chatman will look to bring one more ring to Totino-Grace before he is bound for Columbus.

Andy Stefonowicz, 6’2, PG, Minnetonka HS (MN), 2024
One of the more underrated players in the state of Minnesota, Stefonowicz is going to be the quarterback for Howard Pulley in the EYBL this spring. The super heady lead guard excels in drawing defense with change of speed, outstanding court vision, and ability to finish creatively at rack. A priority for many mid-majors, the University of St. Thomas had nearly their entire staff at the game for Stefonowicz’s matchup (23 points, 10 assists) with Taison Chatman.

Lincoln Cosby, 6’7, SF, All Ohio Sumner, 2027
Upside is the first thing that comes to mind from the second that one lays eyes on Lincoln Cosby. Having grown four inches in the past year and not appearing to be done any time soon, Cosby has the size of a big with the skills of a guard. The lefty is a very effective straight line driver, moves with extreme fluiditynd is an explosive athlete despite his slender frame. This is undoubtedly a name that you will be hearing about sooner rather than later.

Patrick Bath, 6’9, PF/C, Totino Grace HS (MN), 2023
Arguably the best unsigned senior in Minnesota, Bath will bring a high level of productivity (had 31 points and 12 rebounds in recent game I saw) and toughness to whatever college he chooses to attend. The North Dakota transplant has improved footwork on the block, can finish above the rim through contact, and has made huge strides stretching the range on his jumpshot. Owning seven D1 offers, Bath is the casualty of today’s transfer portal generation, but offers a number of traits that will make his future college coach very happy down the road.

Tyce Simpson, 6’4, SG, Rondo Elite, 2027
One of the brighter young talents in the state of Kentucky, Simpson helped pace his gritty Rondo Elite squad to the championship game in front of the Celtics legend himself. The 6-foot-4 combo guard is a good shot creator with a live dribble, is a solid 3-point threat, and showed the ability to facilitate for others. Genetics are certainly on Tyce’s side as well, as he’s the son of 6-foot-10 former Memphis Tiger Stan Simpson.

Shawn Foster, 6’0, PG, All Ohio Sumner, 2027
A player who I hadn’t seen going into the T3TV Battle Royal, I walked away from Cincinnati realizing that all of the buzz surrounding Shawn Foster was absolutely justified. The athletic lead guard was a blur in transition, can finish with the best of them in transition, and is great jumping passing lanes defensively. Foster looks to follow the footsteps of former OKC Thunder guard Zavier Simpson as the next guard out of Lima.

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