Top 10 Crossovers, Blocks and Assists in NBA All-Star Game History

The NBA's Top 10 All-Star dunks list was arguably one of the worst lists I've ever seen. I know lists are subjective but when you neglect 3 dunk that are unanimously mentioned in the top 4 or 5 then your list sucks.

They also did lists for blocks and assists that were much less controversial.  The only issues with the assists video is it contained a MJ dunk that was better than most of the dunks in the dunk video and it reminded people how awesome it was to see great passing in an All-Star game....and I don't mean wide open oops.

They also made a list called Top 10 Circus shots and the issue with that video is only about 2 or 3 would be considered circus shots - #1 in that video was actually a running hook by Kobe.

The one other list they did make that pissed off a few people, nowhere near as much as the dunks list, was the Top 10 Crossovers mix.  Many of the complaints were just ignorant as they wondered why plays from regular season games and the NBA Rising stars game (Kyrie on Knight) weren't included.  But the biggest complaint was the abscence of Allen Iverson.

For those who want to see fancy handles by AI in the All-Star games, these vids are for you including a great vid of Shaq trying to make a deal with Iverson to let him cross the king of crossovers.

Shaq himself has pulled out the crossover a few times in the NBA All-Star game.  Most of the times the results were pretty bad like this...

But he can always show this clip of him doing his best Iverson impersonation against Michael Jordan.










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