15 Lucky NBA Players Who Piggybacked To A Championship

Last week, we showed a video called '15 Worst Players James Jones Carried To A NBA Championship!' Obviously that wasn't the title, it was LeBron instead of his favorite player and teammate, Jones. Today, we have a video called '15 Lucky NBA Players Who Piggybacked To A Championship.'

Here's the Hoops Fun list,  along with how many rings they have and some notes by me.

  • DJ Mbenga (2)
    The first of many Lakers on this list
  • Joel Anthony (2)
    If I could remove one player from this list it would probably be Anthony.
  • Jacque Vaughn (1)
    But he was a great in college and is currently suffering in Brooklyn as an assistant coach of the Nets.
  • Brandon Rush (1)
    But he's a good singer.
  • Mark Madsen (2)
    His dancing at the Lakers championship parade's made him worthy of at least 1 ring.
  • Brian Cardinal (1)
  • Gabe Pruitt (1)
    I only know of him from KG memes and as a USC teammate of Nick Young.
  • Adam Morrison (2)
    How many lottery busts (3rd pick) can say they only lasted four seasons in the NBA but walked away with two rings?  Now that's lucky.
  • Eddy Curry (1)
    Curry's a lottery bust (4th pick) but "only" has 1 ring.
  • Scott Pollard (1)
    He was a contributor to the early 00 Kings that were cheated by the refs in their 2002 series against the Lakers so this ring made up for the one he should have had with the Kings.
  • Brian Scalabrine (1)
    Like Pollard, the Red Mamba didn't play a minute in the playoffs but Scal deserves a ring just for being Scal and for his awesome postgame interview after winning a title.
  • Mengke Bateer (1)
    After thanking Tim Duncan, he went back to China and won 4 CBA MVP awards and a CBA championship!
  • Sun Yue (1)
    Another CBA champion. I can just imagine him getting verbally tortured by Kobe in practice.
  • Darko Milic (1)
    This guy was drafted before Carmelo Anthony. 14 years later, Darko is living on a farm while Melo is still trying to get his first ring and starring in the remake of John Carpenter's 'Escape From New York.'
  • Sasha Kaun (1)
    Sasha played one season in the NBA, averaging less than one point, wins a ring then retires. He can display that ring next to his five Russian league rings.