TEAMMATES TURNED RIVALS!! Mario Mckinney Goes Against Former Teammate in Basketball Rivalry Game!

Players in this post:
Mario McKinney Cam'Ron Fletcher

Here's Mario Mckinney & Vashon High School going up against Joseph Reece (Old Dominion) a former teammate of Vashon that transferred to rivalry school East Saint Louis. This is the match-up that got the whole city to come out and witness what the former player said he was going to do against his old teammates and school as controversy has been stirring up ever since the school year started about the former player leaving Vashon to go with East Saint Louis. The hype continued to grow day by day leading up to this game about the former player will make a statement against the Vashon program and how it was a reason why he left the school but Vashon responded back and made sure no statement was made as the Wolverines flew past East Saint Louis in a whopping 91-58 victory.


Phillip Russell- 26 points

Mario McKinney- 19 points

Cam’Ron Fletcher- 12 points

East Saint Louis:

Terrance Hargrove-22 points

Joe Reece - 7 points


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