Point God Darius Garland vs Courtney Ramey Gets INTENSE at Bass Pro ToC!!

Here's Darius Garland going up against Courtney Ramey in an intense match-up at Bass Pro Tournament of Champions. Going into the game, Courtney Ramey wanted to get his match against Garland that we caught a moment in the game that Ramey said out of frustration, "I want Darius" and spectators from the stands warned him that this isn't that match-up he wanted. Ramey didn't back away and got the match-up he wanted against Darius for the majority of the game. Darius responded to the match-up and erupts the crowd with some ridiculous highlight reel moves which lets all the spectators and critics know that his statement was made.

Both teams went back and forth throughout the game and it actually went down to the wire when Courtney Ramey made the tough drive against Garland to cut the lead down to one point with about 17 sec left of the game. Carte'Are then got the big steal for a chance to win the game but got the call for traveling which led Garland to make the two free-throws to seal the deal.

Keep in mind that this is the first time we've covered Ramey ever since his broken wrist injury that occurred at his preseason jamboree which led him to be out for 6 weeks not included rehabbing. In Darius response in the match-up, Courtney didn't back away and kept fighting to show he still isn't scared. That is something we give full respect for Courtney and every other player we've covered that does show that strong mentality no matter what the outcome may be.

Brentwood Academy over Webster Grove 63-60

Darius Garland finished with 34 points Courtney

Ramey finished with 21 points

After the game, Darius went up to our camera and shouted out his movement "PGC" which is (Point God Crew), a movement for true point guards that is rapidly growing with players like Marcus Fitzgerald Jr, Nico Mannion, Tre Mann, Amari Bailey, Robert Martin Jr., and many more!

If you watched the whole video, you'll see from random behind the scene clips of me joking around with Darius Garland and Cam Johnson. LOL!


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