IS CHICAGO THE TOUGHEST CITY TO PLAY IN!? Chase Adams vs Mario Mckinney Chicago vs Saint Louis!!

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Chase Adams Mario McKinney

Here's Chase Adams & Raekwon Drake of Chicago Orr defending Chicago territory against a very tough Saint Louis Vashon squad led by Mario Mckinney at Chicago Orr Breast Cancer Awareness Shootout. Last year, Vashon defeated Chicago Orr in Saint Louis so coming into the match-up, Orr Academy was focused not to let it happen again. The environment was a big test to Vashon as they were tested to see how well they were going to play against Chicago Orr at Orr's home gym which was set around 90+ degrees inside the gym building which is something like a 2014 Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs in hot arena game 1. Going into the first game, both team kept it close with exchanging baskets back and forth as it was a run-and-gun game with a non-stop pace. Vashon put all their effort into the 1st half making it even against Chicago 33-33. Going into the 2nd half is where the heat was kicking in and Vashon couldn't find their rhythm to control the game and this shows to many spectators and critics that a point guard make a big difference in a game which is why Chase Adams was a main factor of the game. Chase was also assisted by Raekwon Drake which protected inside the paint with mean blocks and non-stop rebounds to prevent Vashon to complete their incoming buckets. But Orr Academy wasn't only about those key players as they played their game and made sure it was a team effort going against Vashon as they secured the 75-65 victory.

Final Score - Chicago Orr 75-St Louis Vashon 65

Chicago Orr

Raekwon Drake (21pts 14rbs 4blks)

Dannie Smith (15pts 7ast)

Ty Mosely (11pts)

Chase Adams (9pts 6ast)


Donyae Mccaskill (21pts)

Mario McKinney (15pts)


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