Donovan Mitchell Rips, Stares Down, Then Drops Jayson Tatum

I’m not saying draft steal and former Ballislife All-American Donovan Mitchell is going to make the people of Utah forget about Gordon Hayward — or as some silly fans would say “Gordon Betrayward” — but he’s going to give them plenty of reasons to cheer next season. The high-flying No. 13 draft pick has been putting up impressive numbers and highlights for the past week in the Summer League and on Thursday, against the Celtics and No. 3 pick Jayson Tatum, he had the crowd in a frenzy with a pair of plays.

With the game tied at 60 a piece midway in the 4th quarter, he ripped the ball from Tatum and then stared him down and laughed after Tatum prevented him from taking off to the basket for another windmill or power dunk. On the following play, Tatum tried to guard Mitchell and ended up on the floor (if you believe Tatum was pushed or tripped then I’ll say Tatum flopped) as Mitchell hit him with a spin move then hit Julian Wright for the wide-open dunk.

Mitchell ended up with eight points, three boards and four steals in the three-point victory for the unbeaten (3-0) Jazz. He also hit a clutch dagger against the 76ers and No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz the day before this game.