LaVar Ball Rips Joel Embiid For "F LaVar" Comment

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LaVar, LaMelo and a few other members of the Ball family arrived in Vegas today for Lonzo Ball's Summer League debut and look who was waiting for him!

As expected, TMZ asked the BBB CEO what he thought of Joel Embiid's recent "Fuck LaVar" comment, which was a response to Ball saying Embiid and Ben Simmons need to "get their asses off the goddamn Twitter and get into the gym." The response was classic LaVar.

"The reason he said that is he has three words. His vocabulary is limited. You have to use cuss words when you don't have intellect.

"He's not intelligent at all. He worried about me, he should be worried about playing.

"I got three words for him: Can't play at all. Oh shoot, that's four."

If you saw the  movie Baby Driver then you probably just thought of a specific scene with Jamie Foxx.

LaVar, while wearing the $200 Zo slides, also commented about Embiid's health and said he probably wont even be on the floor when the Lakers play the 76ers.

To be continued.....probably tomorrow.