The Best And Worst Of Drake At The 2017 NBA Awards

As expected, the first annual NBA Player Awards had it's great moments (Russell Westbrook's MVP Speech and the Sager Strong award being given to Monty Williams) and not-so-great moments. Most of those not-so-great moments came courtesy of host Drake, who overall did a good job but had a lot of misses in his opening monologue (Isaiah Thomas' athletic back and Fultz going to college) and got mixed reviews on the comedy sketches.

The most polarizing sketch was a 'Get Out' parody about Steph and Ayesha Curry. I personally didn't think it was funny. What would have been much better is if they made it about Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian with LeBron calling, James Harden bringing the tea and a cameo of Lamar Odom floating past Drake.

Equally cringe-worthy was Kenny Smith and Shaq trying to pull off jokes about Drake having a ghostwriter.