The Lipek Takeover continues: 540 dunk at Oi Galera dunk contest in Rio

Let's quickly review Lipek's Summer. He took the guy standing on a chair dunk to new levels at Quai54 in Paris, he was outstanding in the awesome Sprite Street Ghetto Games contest in Lativa, he won the Reality Check dunk contest in Germany and the City Slam event at Venice Beach in Cali and then left the states to win the UK Midnight Madness Dunk Contest.

So what's next? How about beautiful Rio and the Oi Galera Dunk Contest. Facing off against Rodolfo Di Biase and Jordan Burger, Lipek once again showed why he just might be the best dunker in the world.  He threw down his standard between the leg dunks that (broken record coming) would win any NBA dunk contest and then completed the rarely seen 540 dunk.  Lipek is so smooth that when he fell after his 540 he started doing push-ups as if it was all a part of his routine.

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