Ball In The Family Ep 5: LaVar Ball Chews Out LaMelo After A Loss

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LaMelo Ball

In the fifth episode of Ball In The Family -- the Facebook reality show about the love ‘em or hate ‘em Ball Family — the show takes you behind the scenes of the viral LaVar chews out LaMelo video after a 10-point loss at the Double Pump Summer Tip-Off.

“Until you learn to be like your brother and play both ends, you'll be sorry as hell." LaVar said after the game to Melo, who did score 50 points (less than 24 hours after scoring 51) but missed 34 of 56 shots, 18 of 24 threes and 5 of 15 free throws. "You don't have enough of this killer in you yet. I don't see it.”

It wasn’t Melo’s shot selection on offense that pissed off LaVar the most, it was his lack of defense, which was partly the result of his lack of sleep and rest the night before.

The rest of the episode is about Tina's recovery and LiAngelo's relationship with his high school sweetheart, Izzy.


Lavar sets his sights on developing his fifteen-year-old son, Melo, into a leader on the basketball court during the AAU tournament. However, Lavar grows disappointed at Melo’s lack of energy and focus when the ‘Big Ballers’ lose badly in the second game. Gelo goes on a date with his girlfriend, Izzy, and confesses that adjusting to his first year of college is difficult.


Highlights from the game featured in the episode.