Ep. 168 - Hot Takes on USA Basketball, G-League Ignite & W!

On Episode 168 of the new and improved Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins give their hot takes on three main topics: USA Basketball coming up short and not medaling at the FIBA World Cup, the 2023 WNBA season and the recent G League Ignite games with its plethora of 2024 NBA hopefuls.
In the ITP Overseas segment, Ron asks Ani and Chelsea some hard-hitting questions on the state of USA Basketball, which failed to medal for the second consecutive FIBA World Cup and finished the event losing three of its last four games. Is it simply a need for more ALL-NBA type players on the roster, or is the gap in talent so small now that FIBA rules make all the difference? The ITP crew break down some of the names that should be on the 2024 U.S. Olympic team. The big question is, what changes will be made to the USA Basketball program?
Ron and Ani put Chelsea under the gun in a ITP Final Exam segment on the 2023 WNBA Regular Season. Who is the league's MVP? Who is most improved? Who is the second best rookie after Aliyah Boston? Is the league making the slow but necessary changes to eventually turn a profit? Chelsea gives straight forward answers to these questions!
In our scouting report segment, Ani and Chelsea dish on the recent G League Ignite games, which opened their fourth season on September 6 and 8 against the Perth Wildcats. The G League Ignite team has its deepest roster of NBA Draft hopefuls yet, including highly-regarded draft prospects Ronald Holland and Matas Buzelis.
What was the environment like to scout these prospects, compared to a college basketball game? Is a pro structure and setting beneficial for all the prospects on the team, as compared to the college game? Is it too early to tell just where these prospects will land in the 2024 NBA Draft? Ani and Chelsea break it all down!
This current episode is No. 3 of season six of the ITP Show and the second in our re-vamped format with specific segments and topics. Our pods are a bit shorter and more to the point, so make sure to tune in to each segment of Episode 168 from start to finish! Also make sure to check out our ITP Overtime shorts for more info, insight and behind the scenes stories!

(0:00) - Intro

(2:10) - ITP Overseas: USA Basketball Doesn’t Medal

(5:47) - Overseas: Too Many Excuses? Or Poor Makeup? 

(11:15) - Overseas: Who Should Be On ’24 Olympic Team?

(18:37) - ITP Final Exam: Chelsea’s On The WNBA Hot Seat!

(27:50) - Final Exam: Why There’s Few Underrated W Players?

(31:08) - Final Exam: Chelsea On WNBA Tanking?! 

(37:11) - ITP Scouting Report: G League Ignite Insight

(43:31) - Scouting Report: Chelsea’s Take On G League  

(47:41) - Scouting Report: Ani On G League Practice

(49:05) - Scouting Report: G League Or College?  

(52:57) - Scouting Report: Ron’s Matas Buzelis Insight

(54:45) - Pod & .Com Promo Plugs
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