ITP 184 - Caitlin Clark/W Tourney Take Center Stage, Big Man Final? & More!

On Episode 184 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard on the epic Monday Elite 8 games, particularly Iowa and LSU, and women's NCAA March Madness.
Before the ITP Crew goes in on the Caitlin Clark phenomenon, Ani gives a quick breakdown on the high school scene and why its a bit mundane right now because of the success of older college teams with transfers in the NCAA Tournament. UCONN and Purdue are not big surprises on the men's side. Is a showdown imminent?
Chelsea and Ani then give their reactions to the Elite 8 WNCAA Tourney showdown between Iowa and LSU, a rematch of last year's NCAA title game. Did Iowa improve that much over the course of the season? Is Clark, Iowa's star guard, just that good or did Kim Mulkey devise a fatal game plan to slow her down? Did LSU lose focus after winning the title last season? Ani and Chelsea go hard!
After a former all-conference D1 player, Chelsea gives her insight of coaching adjustments, strategies and ego. How much does ego come into the outcome of a college game? Do players ever scrap the game plan on their own?
The ITP crew also debate just how great of a college player Clark is (Top 5 ever?) and her potential impact on the WNBA. Will she develop into a WNBA MVP candidate? Chelsea and Ani dish hard on the topic!
LSU-Iowa turned out to be the most watched womens' college basketball game, ever. Will the Caitlin effect transfer over to the WNBA when she joins?
The ITP Crew also offers their W and Men's NCAA Final Four predictions. Does UCONN have a chance to win BOTH championships? Can Purdue vs. UCONN be the big man matchup the men's game needs?
The ITP Crew goes hard on Caitlin Clark, March Madness and offers plenty of terrific insight, so make sure to tune in to Episode 184 from start to finish! Also make sure to check out our ITP Overtime shorts for more info, insight and behind the scenes stories!

(0:00) - Intro
(1:12) - Successful NCAA Teams vs. HS Standouts!
(3:33) - NCAA: UCONN vs. Purdue = No Surprises!
(8:27) - 10 March Madness Defining Moments (
(10:54) - WNCAA: Epic Elite 8 Quick Reactions!
(15:08) - Ani's Reactions To Iowa-LSU
(22:31) - Did LSU Lose Focus This Season?
(25:50) - Insight/Perspective From Former WNCAA Player
(34:19) - WNCAA Final Four Preview
(40:43) - Just How Good Is Caitlin Clark? A Debate!
(1:03:18) - Can W Carry Over Caitlin's Lightning In Bottle?
(1:11:49) - Can UCONN's Paige Bueckers Run It Back?
(1:15:47) - Clingan vs. Edey: The Big Man Matchup We Need?
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