Caitlin Clark's Record Breaker with Mike Corbett

There was no doubt that Caitlin Clark would make history by becoming the all time NCAA leading scorer. It was only a matter of how and when she would do it. Here to discuss the moment is Dunk Comp's Creative Director Mike Corbett, who joins the pod to talk about Caitlyn’s record breaking moment, the impact of Vince Carter, and the greatness of a hoop sound. 

Showtime Codes: 
(8:05) What inspires Mike's work 
(15:50) How Dunk Comp and Facundo Campazzo are forever intertwined 
(20:40) Thoughts on the SNL performance
(26:46) Is this era the golden age of women's basketball? 
(32:43) The timeline of the moment 
(35:50) The savageness of the moment 
(38:20) Calling timeout during runs 
(40:38) Great hoop sound 
(48:53) What makes Kelsey Plum so good
(55:35) Is this the best Caitlin Clark moment?
(01:00:05) Is Caitln Clark the best female basketball player?
(01:06:00) How Caitlin Clark is going to inspire young girls and boys
(01:09:00) This was never a long shot 
(01:16:28) Favorite passes
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