Steph's 32-Footer in OKC with LaJethro Jenkins

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest shooters of all time. In 2016, with just 0.6 seconds on the clock, Curry hit a game-winning three against the Oklahoma City Thunder and got a Double Bang from Mike Breen. Is this shot the moment that changed the NBA? Producer and co-host of the Jenkins and Jonez podcast, John "LaJethro Jenkins" Nichols joins the pod to decide if this moment is worthy of the First Ballot Hall of Fame, pick out the best St. Lunatic, and his favorite beverage.

(6:53) The best St. Lunatic
(7:40) Lajethro's Super Bowl takes
(11:15) Bob Cousy played basketball when basketball wasn't basketball
(13:36) Neil's NBA Top 75 Hot Take
(16:24) The moment Steph changed the NBA
(18:43) The cold calculation of Steph's jog
(25:47) The blessing of seeing greatness
(28:57) It ain't safe with Steph out there
(35:15) Those "god-damned" sleeved jerseys
(39:55) Mike Breen's Double Bang
(42:17) Lajethro's relationship with Cool Papa Bell and his baseball journey
(46:07) Boxing's next level and Lajethro's latest sparring experience
(52:58) The Internet's Best Tweets on Steph's shot
(56:40) The impressiveness of post-flight greatness
(58:15) Lajethro Jenkins' Favorite Beverage


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