The Vomiting Umpire with Michael Torpey

Iconic sports moments can happen anywhere and to anyone. In this episode of the First Ballot Hall of Fame Podcast, friend of the show, comedian, and actor Michael Torpey breaks down one umpire's effort to leave it all on the field. Torpey also dissects the sweet relief of a barf and the most iconic vomits throughout his life.  
(10:11) Torpey's role on the "Young Rock" 
(26:09) The universality of vomiting
(28:10) Torpey's vomiting experiences
(34:53) Neil's experience driving in Manhattan
(39:12) The SNL fire hose of vomit
(42:14) "We're in white water rapids baby"
(42:56) Neil is a multiple time all-star at not vomiting
(44:23) The sweet relief of a barf
(49:07) The catcher's quick escape
(49:57) Torpey's 4th grade barfing story 
(55:06) Vomiting is the "body working in reverse" 
(58:00) The crowd reaction
(1:02:03) The Michael Torpey call of the vomiting umpire
(1:05:44) The vomiting testicle technique
(1:08:10) The question we've all been waiting for
(1:10:23) Vomiting in India 
(1:15:45) Brian O'Nora's Vomiting Story
(1:32:07) A great baseball name
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