March Madness Moments with Nick Bernstein and Michael Torpey

March Madness is arguably the best part of college basketball and generates iconic moments year after year. SVP of Late Night West Coast at ViacomCBS and the Official College Basketball Fan of the First Ballot Hall of Fame Podcast, Nick Bernstein and Actor and Writer Michael Torpey join the pod to break down some of NCAA's most iconic moments and if any of them are worthy of the First Ballot Hall of Fame. Together they break down "The Shot" in 1998's first-round match-up between Ole Miss and Valparaiso and #16 UMBC's upset over #1 seed Virginia. 

(8:05) How Nick and Torpey first met 
(10:41) Torpey's Best Late Night Television appearance
(12:31) A Great Baseball Nickname
(14:08) Nick and Torpey's Celebrity BFF's
(19:10) Nick's Submission for the First Ballot Hall of Fame - "The Shot" (Ole Miss vs Valparaiso)
(33:34) Playing against identical twins 
(35:31) Overcoming a sibling's shadow - the story of Scott Drew
(38:41) Playing for your Dad and the Drew family dynamic
(47:09) The feeling after hitting "The Shot" 
(50:50) Torpey's Submission for the First Ballot Hall of Fame - #16 UMBC vs #1 UVA
(1:07:02) Fighting for the moment 
(1:08:27) "Kids are stupid"
(1:28:51) Odd's on Favorite

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